The Start of Something

Thinking about myself as an official blogger, I can honestly say I’m somewhere in between.  I’m an avid writer in my paper journal but have made a resolution to begin a digital blog, so I write regularly. However, I am new to understanding the concept of a blog – like how long of an entry it can be, what kind of message it needs to have, and how do I know who I am writing for.

With that said, I can also honestly say that I read several blogs each day, and have subscribed to a few I consistently find meaning in regards to my role. George Couros, David Guerin, Alice Keeler, Eric Sheniger, Peter DeWitt and Lisa Westman all provide resources I find highly valuable and inspirational.  Someday, I hope to be able to claim a similar title of valuable and inspirational to others in education.

I don’t have any questions at this time, nor do I feel I have enough experience to provide pointers for those new to the concept.  What I do hope to achieve from this is increased confidence in sharing my thoughts with others, connections on deeper levels with colleagues around the world, and a heightened awareness of what needs to be accomplished to influence change in education.

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